In 2006, the village purchased the Tulley Building at the corner of North Lake Avenue (Main Street) and Buffalo Street. It is the anchor building of the Historic District, and now houses our village offices and meeting rooms on the first floor and a records retention facility in the basement. We are in the process of renovating apartments on the second floor. The Tulley Building Restoration Committee was established in 2007 to develop a renovation plan that would ensure the historic integrity of the building would be maintained, and that the building would encourage increased community activity in the village business district, increase a sense of pride within the community, attract new businesses and act as a catalyst to the restoration of other buildings. Structural restoration and the construction of the village offices and meeting rooms, renovations of two apartments, a new roof, and basement preparation have been accomplished through careful budgeting and the hard work of village employees.

The Village of Bergen has worked to fulfill the goals established in our Comprehensive Plan; specifically to preserve and promote a variety of high-quality neighborhoods for people with a variety of financial means, provide adequate housing, enhance the aesthetics of the Village's Central Business District and improve its ability to attract new businesses and residents. The Village hopes to stimulate reinvestment within the community, encourage residents and small businesses to invest in Bergen, and attract small businesses that will serve the local population as well as visitors from outside the village. With the NYSDOT resurfacing project of Route 19 (Lake Avenue), the village participation in the Tree City Program to ensure trees are properly trimmed and replaced as needed, and the establishment of Community Action Day as an annual event to promote community participation in spring clean-up and planting, the Village has improved its aesthetic qualities and "curb appeal."

In partnership with the business owners and building owners, the Village has applied for a grant from New York State's Main Street Grant program. We hope that together we can plan a path toward economic and community revitalization and revive a sense of place and pride in the traditional neighborhoods and business district that is Bergen. The organization of a marketing and promotional campaign for downtown merchants is being considered to expand existing businesses and attract new businesses. Moving the village offices to the Main Street Tulley Building has encouraged more foot traffic in the area. The Jenny Kuzma Memorial Bergen Road Race, Bergen Park Days, Memorial Day Parade, Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Community Action Day, Tree Lighting Ceremony, Concerts in the Park, and library programs are established events that bring large numbers of families and visitors to the village.

With our wonderful residents, low-cost electric and convenient location, the future of the Village of Bergen is bright!